What is Vega?

Lyra has developed the Vega scavenger to overcome several shortcomings of conventional liquid scavengers such as triazine. Through extensive laboratory testing in collaboration with Gas Technology Institute (“GTI”), Vega has proven superior to conventional non-regenerative liquid scavengers such as triazine. Additionally, Vega eliminates foaming and solid formation associated with triazine use, minimizing operational challenges.

Vega utilizes and expands chemistry that is well understood in the gas sweetening processes and uses relatively inexpensive, readily available, safe and established chemicals to ensure effective removal of hydrogen sulfide while reducing operating costs. In this chemistry, hydrogen sulfide is oxidized to a higher oxidation state, with no or minimal solid formation.

GTI has conducted extensive head-to-head laboratory testing of the Vega scavenger versus triazine. In the contact tower setting, Vega demonstrated significant benefits over triazine:

Superior Solution to H2S removal

The combination of superior capacity and cost allows Vega to reduce the cost of scavenging 1kg of hydrogen sulfide by as much as 70%.

Greater scavenger capacity

In a head to head comparison Vega demonstrated greater than 2 times capacity over MEA triazine

Cost Competitive

In addition to increased scavenging capacity per gallon of active scavenger, Vega provides cost savings on a raw component basis

Improved Scavenger Properties

Vega demonstrated the ability to eliminate both solid formation and foaming during prolonged reaction with hydrogen sulfide. These properties allow for maximum utilization of the scavenger without concern of solid formation effecting infrastructure

Compared to conventional scavengers Vega has the potential to significantly reduce maintenance, operating downtime and associated costs

Safety Profile

Vega utilizes and expands chemistry that is well understood in the oil and gas industry. The chemical components of Vega are considered safe and are easily disposed of in the same manner as triazine

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